Cabinet Repair and Restoration Can Save You Time and Money

Cabinet repair and restoration can improve the look of your home and add value. Whether your cabinets are dingy and worn or need new colors and custom hardware, you can turn them into a work of art. The process is a bit complex, however, and it can be time-consuming. You may wish to consider hiring a professional to help you. This can save you a lot of time and money.

Kitchen cabinet repair and restoration services can make your old furniture look like new, adding a fresh, clean touch to the room. It can also be a great way to update a tired kitchen or bathroom. In addition to making old furniture look like new, a cabinet resurfacing company can refresh the finish on your cabinetry without requiring you to replace the entire piece. Depending on the extent of the damage, a comprehensive renovation could take several days. However, a more affordable solution is to simply paint or stain the cabinets.

Using an experienced handyman in St. Petersburg can help you bring your worn wood cabinets back to life. Whether you want to reface the countertops or replace your drawer boxes, an experienced handyman can do the job. He can match color schemes and install soft-close features. If you have cabinets that have been damaged by water, he can help you restore the cabinets’ functionality.

Whether you have a single cabinet or dozens, a skilled, bonded and insured handyman can help you get your home looking its best. Getting the doors repaired, replacing hardware, and painting and staining the cabinets can help give your space a fresh new look. With a little elbow grease and a little bit of work, you can revive your older cabinets and make them look like new.

While cabinet resurfacing is an excellent way to rejuvenate the appearance of a room, it isn’t always an option. When the damage is more extensive, it may be necessary to replace the cabinet entirely. A professional can refinish the cabinets by removing the existing finish and applying a new coat of varnish or paint. Alternatively, you can do it yourself. Unless you are familiar with the process, you may end up smudging or damaging the paint or varnish. Instead, it’s best to leave the project to an experienced, professional team.

The process of cabinet repair and restoration is a complicated one. Depending on the size and complexity of the repairs, it may be necessary to remove the drawers, doors, and counter tops. Fortunately, a few companies specialize in this type of work, including Furniture Medic. During the repair, the technician will remove the cabinets, check the cabinets for damage, and brace the countertop in place. They will also apply a new coat of varnish, restoring the cabinet’s surface to its original beauty.

If you are concerned that your cabinetry is beyond repair, you may need to replace the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. These are the most important parts of the cabinet. The glue used for these repairs should be gap-filling and covered with tape and weights. Before the glue dries, a clamp can be placed to hold the door in place.

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